Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  

Azul Optimizer Hub

Azul Optimizer Hub (OptHub) is a set of services external to the JVM within Azul Platform Prime that run in your cloud or on-premises environment. There are two services Cloud Native Compiler and ReadyNow Orchestrator.

Cloud Native Compiler

Separates the heavy lifting of compiling byte code to optimized machine code from the actual running of Java applications.

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ReadyNow Orchestrator

Ensures consistent responsiveness and performance even as instances are brough up and down, and during critical times like a retail rush, start of the gaming day or market open.

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JVMs Accept Traffic and Warm-up Faster

Your JVM’s resources can now go towards the thing you care most about – executing your code! 

You no longer split JVM resources between optimization and your code. There’s less effort for warming up new JVMs manually and introducing them to a fleet. Benefits: 


Better customer experience when autoscaling to meet spikes in traffic


Smoother deployment of new JVMs, for autoscaling or planned fleet restarts


Auto scale with confidence and stop over-provisioning statically scaled fleets


Deliver real savings on your cloud costs


Improve confidence in CI/CD continuous deployment of small fixes – fleet restarts are smoother and less complex 

Download the Azul Platform Prime Stream Builds

Azul Platform Prime Stream Builds are free for development and evaluation.