Need For Pauseless Garbage Collection

One of the key reasons that many high-volume Java applications do not meet customer service level requirements is that application processing is often paused to perform garbage collection and reclaim available heap memory by the JVM. On traditional servers, these application pauses typically are several seconds to minutes long if the Java heap size larger than the practical limit of 2 to 4 GB.

About our C4 Garbage Collector

Azul’s Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector (C4) is the only production-ready, generational pauseless garbage collector available in Java and a key component of Azul Platform Prime. Azul Systems has been shipping a production implementation of the C4 collector mechanism since 2010 and many Fortune 500 companies run their code on C4 today.

C4 uses a read barrier to support:

  • Concurrent Compaction
  • Concurrent Remapping
  • Concurrent Incremental Update Tracing

Watch a short video of Brett Vasconcellos of BIDS Trading, now part of CBOE Global Markets, discuss how Azul Prime has improved performance in their trading applications, through eliminating garbage collection as a concern.

Download a pauseless GC whitepaper to learn more.

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