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Cloud Native Compiler

Powerful optimizations at a dramatically reduced cost.

Azul Platform Prime

Use the power of the Cloud for compilation to enable faster code, greater efficiency, and lower costs.

With Cloud Native Compiler and Azul Platform Prime, separate the heavy lifting of compiling byte code to optimized machine code from the actual running of Java applications.


Improve Java App Performance

Boost efficiency, throughput and responsiveness of Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM)-based applications including front end, back end, API gateways, containerized applications and microservices.


Maximize Infrastructure Workloads

Dramatically improve the efficiency of JVM-based big data and DBMS infrastructures (Apache Cassandra), enterprise search (Apache Solr, Elasticsearch), stream processing (Apache Kafka), and more.


Optimize Cloud Costs

Serve the same load with smaller, fewer instances by utilizing a service for the heavy work of compilation. Deliver greater agility and optimize costs in the face of mushrooming infrastructure spend.


Rapid Warmup to Full-Speed Operation

Let containers reach faster top-line performance quicker. With containerized JVM workloads, modern CI/CD practices, and elastic autoscaling, DevOps teams can frequently start JVMs with confidence.

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“Performing compilation outside of the JVM using cloud resources is both a major innovation and a valuable new approach for running Java-based applications and infrastructure.”

Ariel Pizetsky, VP of IT
Deliver even greater agility, with the fastest JVM anywhere

Deliver even greater agility, with the fastest JVM anywhere.

Cloud Native Compiler works with Platform Prime, Azul’s flagship Java runtime which outperforms OpenJDK on the Renaissance Benchmark Suite by 37%, to elastically scale up and down, reuse previously optimized compilations across connected JVMs, and improve their performance and startup times.

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Elastic compilation for all Java apps

Elastic compilation for all Java apps.

Decouple Just in Time (JIT) compilation from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by provisioning Cloud Native Compiler as a Kubernetes cluster, in the same cluster as the client VMs or in a separate cluster. Cloud Native Compiler is compatible with all Java applications and retains the full advantages of JIT compilation.

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Securely send application byte code

Securely send application byte code.

Simply enable SSL authentication on your Cloud Native Compiler services. Prepare your SSL certificate, provision your service and by default, Azul Prime connects to the Cloud Native Compiler service using SSL.


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Monitor Cloud Native Compiler metrics

Monitor Cloud Native Compiler metrics.

Log and monitor Cloud Native Compiler using standard Kubernetes monitoring tools Prometheus and Grafana, by integrating Cloud Native Compiler into existing Prometheus/Grafana applications. All pods export metrics for Prometheus scraping, and include dashboard JSON to add to Grafana instances.



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Azul Optimizer Hub




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