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Azul Mission Control

Version 8.1.1

Monitoring and Management for Java Applications

Azul Mission Control is included with every Azul Platform Core and Azul Platform Prime subscription. When coupled with open source Flight Recorder technology, Mission Control delivers low-overhead, interactive open source monitoring and management capabilities for Java workloads. With Mission Control you can connect to active JVMs from Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK 8 and 11 and get real-time visibility into all aspects of a running application. Please note that a single version of Azul Mission Control will support Java runtimes from both JDK 8 and JDK 11.

Open Source

Azul Mission Control is fully-tested build of JDK Mission Control, which was open sourced by Oracle and is managed as a project under the OpenJDK umbrella. Azul has back-ported the JDK Mission Control code and added support for production applications running on both Java SE versions 8 and 11.

Free to download

Community builds of Azul Mission Control are free to download and use without restrictions and will work with any Java 8 or Java 11 JVM that has implemented Flight Recorder technology as part of the JVM.

Fully compatible

Today you can use Azul Mission Control on Azul Core, Azul Prime, and free Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK from Azul, other compatible OpenJDK runtimes, and properly-licensed Oracle Java SE JVMs.

Download Zulu Mission Control Here

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How to install

Download one of the Azul Mission Control installation packages (see table) to a reasonable location on your target system. For example:


Expand the downloaded file.

$ tar -xzvf < zulu_mission_control_package >.tar.gz
$ tar -xzvf < zulu_mission_control_package >.tar.gz
> unzip -xzvf < zulu_mission_control_package >.zip
To launch Zulu Mission Control, just start the following command in terminal:

Linux: zmc8.1.1.51-ca-linux_x64/zmc

macOS: zmc8.1.1.51-ca-macos_x64/Zulu\ Mission\ Control.app/Contents/MacOS/zmc

Windows: zmc8.1.1.51-ca-win_x64\zmc.exe

or double-click at the zmc application icon in a file explorer/finder.

Advisory: During your initial use of Azul Mission Control you may see a warning notification from your OS. For example:

  • Windows Defender¬†will alert that zmc.exe is going to access the network.
  • macOS¬†users will be asked to confirm that you really want to launch a downloaded application.

These messages can be safely ignored while using Azul Mission Control.