JDK 9: XXtra Command Line Options

In my last blog entry on JDK 9 compatibility, I included a list of the command line options that had been removed between JDK 8 and JDK 9. For this blog, I thought I’d do the inverse and look at the new command-line options available in JDK 9. I’m going to limit things to the

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JDK 9: Pitfalls For The Unwary

  JDK 9 is in the final phases of development, heading towards release on September 21st. The public review consideration ballot for the Java Platform Module System was passed [almost] unanimously, and so everything is now back on track. You can download the Azul Zulu builds of (Early Access) OpenJDK 9 here. Recently I’ve been doing

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Why We Called Our New JIT Compiler Falcon

Here at Azul, our primary focus is on figuring out how to make the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as fast as possible. If you look at what the JVM does for Java application code there are three main areas of functionality, all of which affect the performance of applications:  Memory management (including the Garbage Collector)

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Faster Java: Do We Really Want It?

Last week I was at the Voxxed Days Bristol event, which was as enjoyable as last year. Bristol appears to have a lot of developers, and there is clearly a thriving startup community there. As ever, there is plenty of interest in Java. Originally, I had been scheduled to deliver my talk on “55 new Features in

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Standing At the Nexus of Technology

  Last week I was in Atlanta for the Devnexus conference. This is a well-regarded conference that has been running since 2009, but it was the first time I’d had an opportunity to attend. I delivered two presentations, both of which were new material: “It’s Java Jim, But Not As We Know It” and “55 New

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