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10 million games every day
No glitches!

World’s largest online chess site enhances real-time game experience.

  • Despite extensive tuning efforts, was suffering from Java’s “Stop-The-World” garbage collection pauses, which often caused multi-second application delays.
  • System-induced stalls in game flow were severely degrading the overall gaming experience for users and impacting their loyalty.
  • Azul Platform Prime was implemented to ensure consistent performance and predictable latency. No changes to the application or hardware configuration were needed.
  • Azul Platform Prime eliminated’s application stalls, improved reliability, and enhanced players’ experience.
  • The solution also improved developer productivity by eliminating the need for ongoing Java platform tuning, allowing developers to focus on quality of service and new features for its millions of users.

I love chess. With, my dream was to create the kind of chess platform that I wanted to use! Today we’re the world’s largest online chess community, with over 65 million members and more than 250k concurrent users playing more than 10 million games every day online. Because Azul Platform Prime powers our Java-based platform, we don’t have to worry about application speed or infrastructure costs. We can focus on our members’ experience and rest assured that Azul Platform Prime will handle thousands of moves a second with the best performance possible on the world’s best chess website.

Erik Allebest, CEO,
A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that ensures consistent response times, reduces system stalls, and delivers better customer experiences—all with far less infrastructure.

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