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Bazaarvoice Connects with Shoppers

Powering cutting-edge insights that accelerate commerce.

  • Bazaarvoice provides software that allows brands and retailers to collect and display authentic user-generated content on their e-commerce websites. The company has thousands of customers all over the world making tens of billions of requests per month, which translates to tens of thousands of requests per second.
  • Using Azul Platform Prime has allowed Bazaarvoice to provide customers with significantly better response times and performance.
  • With Azul, Bazaarvoice has significantly reduced the amount of infrastructure needed to support its applications, and has also greatly reduced response times. In addition, Azul has allowed developers to focus only on innovating the application with new features, rather than constantly performance-tuning the infrastructure.

“Without Azul Platform Prime, we would be running five times more infrastructure. Azul has allowed us to focus only on our applications. We don’t have to worry about performance.”

Cody Bayer, DevOps Engineer, Bazaarvoice
A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that ensures consistent response times, reduces system stalls, and delivers better customer experiences—all with far less infrastructure.

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