whitepaper: Azul Platform Prime for Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is the most popular open-source stream processing software for collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing data at scale. 

For mission-critical applications, how do you ensure that the performance delivered is the performance required? 

Read this whitepaper to understand how making changes to the JVM design, specifically dropping in the Azul Platform Prime JVM can eliminate the problems in Java and Scala of garbage collection pauses and raise the throughput of applications.

Turbocharge Kafka Efficiency by 50%

Deploy up to 50% less infrastructure with increased throughput and consistent, jitter free performance without changing a line of code.

Delivering massive scale & performance to

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Zing ensures Cassandra is always-on, scalable, and real-time.

  • proven in Cassandra deployments ranging from just a few nodes to thousands of server instances
  • reduces infrastructure costs for e-Commerce apps, personalization platforms, payment processing, fraud detection systems, and all types of Cassandra-based use cases.
  • increases carrying capacity–no pauses at increased levels of throughput. 
  • Reduces memory bottlenecks–no more 1TB-memory limits, meaning fewer cluster instances required.

"Without Zing, we would be running five times more infrastructure. Zing has allowed us to focus only on our applications. New features, new roadmaps. We don’t have to worry about performance."

"Zing customers greatly improved their Java performance, substituted increased memory instead of adding high cost servers, and wasted less developer time on latency and troubleshooting."

"Zing reduces infrastructure costs by up to 50%, while delivering performance that is 30% better than Oracle."

"With Zing, we reduced our front-end server footprint by 30%, which is hundreds of servers, and our database server footprint by 50%. This translates into millions of dollars in savings, both hardware we freed up and hosting costs avoided."

"We’re achieving unobtainable technical feats with Zing that you can’t achieve using plain vanilla Java. And this performance translates into huge infrastructure savings and simplification by having less servers."

"I've become a raving fan of Azul in no small part because of the support we get.  Our cases are really complicated—things like TLS 1.3 support, ChaCha20-Poly1305 support, RSA-PSS support, HSM fixes.  Yet we always get great answers in workable timeframes."

"Developers now focus on implementing new features and functionality without work arounds for JVM-related penalties. That was code that the developers no longer have to write, no longer have to maintain, and no longer have to troubleshoot."

"Zing is a powerful replacement of the standard Oracle Hotspot JVM.  Zing addresses both the GC pause and JIT compilation issues.  In our applications, GCs are about 180x smaller with Zing than with the standard Oracle Hotspot JVM."

Cut infrastructure costs by 50%

Typical Azul Platform Prime customers:

Save $2M over 3 years

Achieve 224% ROI on their Azul licenses

Consistently exceed
 99.99% SLAs

Increase developer productivity by 20%

"We use Apache Cassandra, which recommends nodes with only a Terabyte of data but we’re pushing nodes with 10TBs of data densities and we’re still achieving the performance we need."

Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT, Taboola

Improve quality of service for Kafka users by eliminating Java pauses, stalls, and stop-the-world failures.

With Azul, Kafka can handle thousands of messages per second.

Meet your Kafka SLA targets with fewer cloud instances and/or fewer servers.

Deliver even faster event-streaming.  Out-of-the box Azul delivers a 20% improvement in raw speed.

Meet performance and scalability targets with substantially less hardware

With Azul, you'll meet your application service levels consistently with fewer servers or cloud instances, or drive 2-5x more transactions through your existing infrastructure. 

Azul Platform Prime is the only JVM that fully eliminates the stalls, jitter, and latency outliers caused by Java Garbage Collection.

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