Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  

Azul Intelligence Cloud

Boost DevOps Productivity

Azul Intelligence Cloud provides actionable intelligence from production Java runtime data to efficiently prioritize vulnerable code for remediation and identify unused code for removal. It works with any JVM from any vendor or distribution including Azul, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, RedHat, and Temurin to slash time from unproductive tasks across an enterprise’s entire Java estate, resulting in a substantial improvement in DevOps productivity.

Code Inventory

Catalogs Code in Production for Strongest, Most Accurate Signal

Code Inventory is the only solution that precisely catalogs what code runs in production across all of an enterprise’s Java workloads. It slashes the time and burden of maintaining and testing unused code, significantly improving developer productivity and ultimately saving money.

Azul Vulnerability Detection

Continuously Detects Known Vulnerabilities in Java Applications

Azul Vulnerability Detection detects vulnerable code that is actually used versus simply present, eliminating false positives for efficient vulnerability triage. By detecting vulnerabilities at point of use in production, it fills a critical gap at the endpoint of the software supply chain and augments legacy tools for more accurate results.


Eliminates Vulnerability False Positives

Monitors code executed by the Java runtime in production to collect data on what code runs versus is simply present. Uses sophisticated techniques to identify code and map to a Java-specific Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database to generate accurate results unattainable by other tools.


Real-time and Historical Analysis

Focuses scarce human effort where vulnerable code is or has been used versus simply present, to help reduce issue backlogs. Retains component and code use history, focusing forensic efforts to determine if vulnerable code was actually exploited prior to it being known as vulnerable.


Efficiently Triage New Vulnerabilities

When previously unknown vulnerabilities in Java applications are published, the Azul Vulnerability Detection CVE knowledge base is rapidly updated, so DevOps team can efficiently triage critical vulnerabilities in production during events like Log4J. 

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