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Azul PartnerConnect Program

Our program focuses on developing mutually beneficial partnerships that empower our partners to increase deal flow, revenue, and help deliver customer value.

Why Partner with Azul?

Azul is the only company 100% focused on Java. With more than 20 years of Java leadership and a customer base spanning 35%+ of the Fortune 100, we are the largest Java vendor outside of Oracle.

Azul is 100% focused on developing new business with partners though joint go-to-market activities and delivering value-added solutions throughout its partner ecosystem. 


Create a Java license and services revenue stream by saving customers up to 70% vs. Oracle Java SE license fees.


Earn 30%+ margins on single and multi-year deals, services, expansions, and renewals.


Help your customers improve the raw speed of Java applications – up to 20% faster Apache Kafka event streaming.


Help customers detect known vulnerabilities in their software supply chain.


Help your customers reduce spiraling cloud infrastructure costs by 50% while improving application performance when they implement the world’s fastest JVM.


Reduce maintenance and support of Java applications across the organization while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

Ideal Azul Partners

Leaders with mid-market to enterprise customer base in a Java-centric world where developers, operations, and users demand more. Partners that have cultivated their business by focusing on:

Java and Security Resellers or Solution Providers

Trusted DevOps, SecOps, FinOps, and Cloud Solutions Advisor

Prior experience selling to DevOps and clear understanding of ICP needs

Java practice that includes consulting, application integration or reselling

Experience with Software or IT Asset Management, and/or FinOps

Experience selling in Fintech, Hi-Tech, SaaS, Manufacturing, and Retail / e-commerce

Investing in IT & Cloud Optimization, Application Efficiency, Security Vulnerability

Java-based infrastructure experience with Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop, Elastic Search; 3rd party Java frameworks; and home-grown Java applications

Azul Partner Ecosystem

Azul Partner Ecosystem

Value Added Resellers (VARs) Partner Tiers

Azul’s tiered reseller program is structured to recognize and reward partners across three tiers: 

Azul Partner Value-Added Reseller Silver Formatted
Azul Partner Value-Added Reseller Gold Formatted
Azul Partner Value-Added Reseller Platinum Formatted

Azul Partner Java Services

Working with Azul also increases your ability to make money by collaborating with us to offer value-added services, referring business, and/or reselling in these application areas. Our partner community delivers a range of chargeable services that can drive your gross margins north of 30% with up to 40% margins on licensing. 

Azul Partner Java Services

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