JDK Comparison Matrix for Embedding Java in OEM Hardware or ISV Software

Confused by all the recent changes in the Java roadmap? We’ve summarized your Embedded Java options here.

Java’s new, rapid release cadence and the disappearance of free quarterly updates from Oracle for older Java versions have challenged the Embedded Java community as well as ISVs and other organizations that bundle Java with their products. Why choose Azul Platform Core? The table below provides a multi-vendor comparison spanning embedded IP and licensing terms, essential open source Java product features, and specific operating system and processor support offerings available from multiple Java providers.

IP & Licensing

Features & Support Services

OS & Processor Support

Azul has been making free Zulu builds of OpenJDK available to the Java community since 2014, and Zulu Embedded is being used in tens of millions of servers and devices today.

Azul’s world-class Zulu Embedded support offerings provide timely SLA commitments for security updates and bug fixes and also incorporate specific additions that include full support for Flight Recorder and Mission Control for both Java 8 and 11, plus industry-leading IP protection and license verification.

For additional information regarding Zulu builds of OpenJDK and our Embedded support offerings, please ask to be put in contact an Azul Embedded Java Specialist today.