Have your Oracle Java costs gone through the roof?
Join the hundreds of 😊 customers who have made the Switch to Azul.

Long Term Support (LTS) for Java 7 & Java 6 Legacy Applications

Azul provides superior production Java support at a better price.

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Better Support for Java 7 and Java 6 than Oracle, at often 50%-90% less cost!

With Azul Zulu Enterprise you get timely security updates, great Azul support for Java 6 and Java 7.

Why pay more for Java Support from Oracle when certified builds and great support are available from world’s only company 100% focused on Java and the JVM?

Better Pricing

Azul Zulu Enterprise simply costs much less. See the Azul Price Savings Calculator

Support for Java 7 & Java 6

Azul Zulu is the only OpenJDK build that supports Java 7 & Java 6 with production quality support.

Security-Specific Update Patches

Azul Zulu ‘CPU’ Updates handle severe critical vulnerabilities as soon as they are published.

 JDK 6 Project Leadership

Andrew Brygin of Azul leads the JDK6 project. Did You Know – Azul is the only company which supports Java 6?

Compare Azul Zulu vs Oracle Java SE for Java 7, Java 6 Support

Feature Azul Zulu Oracle Java SE
100% Open Source – no restrictions, no hassle
Security-only updates for immediate deployment
Production-quality support for Java 8, 11, 13, and 14 PLUS older Java versions like Java 7 and Java 6
Advanced product enhancements, e.g. Monotype Fonts, Java Flight Recorder, JavaFX, TLS 1.3
Dedicated global Java support team
Affordability: Saving one Fortune 500 customer $40m over 5 years
Simple licensing, flexible subscription options

JDK 7 Availability Roadmap

Happy Customers - Java 7, Java 6 Support

A US foods company purchased Zulu Enterprise to fix a security risk with its version of JDK 7.



Java 7 Support


A chemicals company in Asia-Pacific purchased Zulu Enterprise to fix a security risk with its version of JDK 6.



Java 6 Support

A US healthcare provider purchased Zulu Enterprise primarily to secure their JDK 6 applications, but they also deployed to other currently unsupported applications.



Java 6 Support

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