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Long Term Support (LTS) for Java 7 & Java 6

Azul provides superior production Java support at a better price.

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Better Support for Java 7 and Java 6 than Oracle, at often 50%-90% less cost!

With Azul Zulu Enterprise you get timely security updates, and ongoing Azul support for Java 6 and Java 7.

Why pay more for Oracle Java Support when certified builds and great support are available from world’s only company 100% focused on Java and the JVM?

Java 7 Support

  • Azul continues to supports Java 7  with timely security updates and bugfixes
  • Oracle‘s JDK 7 support is available only as extended support (no certification with most new third-party hardware or software products)
  • Red Hat stopped supporting JDK 7 in June 2020

Java 6 Support

  • Azul is the only company supporting OpenJDK builds of Java 6
  • Oracle only offers sustaining support for Java 6 (no bug fixes, security patches, or feature implementations)

Mission Critical Applications

  • Java 7 & Java 6 use often accompany mission-critical “Category Zero” enterprise services
  • Get Support for legacy Java deployments at 50%-90% less cost than Oracle

Impacted Industries

  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Industrial/Manufacturing

Compare Azul Zulu vs Oracle Support for Java 7, Java 6

Feature Azul Zulu Oracle Java SE
100% Open Source – no restrictions, no hassle
Security-only updates for immediate deployment
Production-quality support for Java 8, 11, 13, and 15 PLUS Java 7 and Java 6
Advanced product enhancements, e.g. Monotype Fonts, Java Flight Recorder, JavaFX, TLS 1.3
Dedicated global Java support team
Affordability: Saving one Fortune 500 customer $40m over 5 years
Simple licensing, flexible subscription options

Java 6, Java 7 Support end of life (eol)

  End of Commercial Support
Java SE Release Azul Lifecycle Java SE GA Date Oracle End of Free Commercial Use Oracle Java SE Azul Zulu Enterprise Azul Zulu Embedded Azul Zing
Current Offerings
Java 6 LTS Dec 2006 Apr 2013 Dec 2018 (12 yrs) Dec ’18 / Dec ’26* (12 yrs) / (20 yrs)* Dec 2018 (12 yrs) Apr 2017 (11 yrs)
Java 7 LTS Jul 2011 Apr 2015 July 2022 (11 yrs) July 2022 / July 2023*
(11 yrs) / (12 yrs)*
July 2022 / July 2023*
(11 yrs) / (12 yrs)*
Dec 2020 (10.5 yrs)

* Only for those customers who have purchased extended Production Support for Java 6 or Java 7. Additional builds that may be provided during the extended Production Support period are not TCK-tested. Contact Azul for further information.

Recent Customers Choosing Java 7 or Java 6 Support

A US foods company purchased Zulu Enterprise to fix a security risk with its version of JDK 7.

Java 7 Support

A chemicals company in Asia-Pacific purchased Zulu Enterprise to fix a security risk with its version of JDK 6.

Java 6 Support

A US healthcare provider purchased Zulu Enterprise primarily to secure their JDK 6 applications.

Java 6 Support

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