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Long Term Support (LTS) for Java 7 & Java 6

The only provider of extended support for Java 7 and Java 6*

Oracle ceased providing supporting Java 6 in December 2018 and will cease providing extended support for Java 7 in July 2022. Only Azul provides timely security updates, and ongoing support for Java 6 and Java 7. Running older versions of Oracle Java in production pose potential risk that can be remedied by simply switching the JVM from Oracle to Azul.

Using Azul support for older versions of Java negates the cost and business disruption of upgrading applications to later versions of Java and enables the business to upgrade applications at their own pace rather than in response to Oracle’s support policy.

* Only for those customers who have purchased extended Production Support for Java 6 or Java 7. Additional builds that may be provided during the extended Production Support period are not TCK-tested. Contact Azul for further information.

Java 7 Support

Java 6 Support

Impacted Industries

Mission Critical Applications

Compare Azul Platform Core to Oracle Java SE for Java 6 and Java 7 Support

Feature Azul Platform Core Support Oracle Java SE Support

100% Open Source. No restrictions, no hassles

Security Only (CPU) updates for immediate deployment for 6 and 7*

Production quality support for: Java 8, 11, 17, and 6, 7.

Dedicated global Java Support team

Advanced product enhancements (e.g., monotype fonts, Java FX, Flight Recorder)

Support for 32-Bit and Power PC Systems for Java 6 & 7

Simple licensing options. Proven to save millions

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