Azul Webinar: 7 Reasons to #SwitchToAzul

September 15, 2020 | Live Webinar

Are you:

  • Paying Oracle too much for Java – but not sure of your options?
  • Getting great support – or waiting days for Oracle to respond?
  • Worried about how to keep your systems stable and secure?
  • Seeking low latency and high performance for your JVM-based applications?
  • Eager to switch – but concerned about risks and time?

Get all your Java questions answered in “7 Reasons to #SwitchToAzul”, a webinar led by Azul Deputy CTO and Java Champion Simon Ritter, with a guest appearance by Evan Boyd, VP of Business Development from Software Licensing Consultants (SLC), a consulting firm advising clients on all things Oracle. SLC spends every day talking with Oracle customers and is well equipped to understand the processes firms go through to decide whether to stay with or switch from Oracle. 

The 7 Reasons to #SwitchToAzul which we’ll address in the webinar:

1. Reduce Java TCO as much as 90%
2. Get the industry’s best Java support
3. Migrate risk-free with a drop-in replacement for the Oracle JDK
4. Easy, flexible licensing policies
5. Assured security and compliance
6. High performance on-prem or in the cloud
7. Trust: You’re in good hands with the Java experts from Azul
Can’t make the date? Register anyway, and we’ll send you the replay afterward… 

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