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What is Azul Zulu Mission Control?

Zulu Mission Control is a build of JDK Mission Control, an open source Java runtime profiling and monitoring utility originally developed by JRockit and open source by Oracle in 2018. JDK Mission control was originally developed for Java 11, and Azul Systems has back-ported the utility to also support properly-configured builds of OpenJDK 8.

 Which operating systems are supported by Zulu Mission Control?

Supported client operating systems include Linux, Windows, and macOS. Clients can monitor JVMs with properly-configured Flight Recorder technology.

What is Flight Recorder, and how does it relate to Zulu Mission Control?

Flight Recorder is also technology that was open sourced by Oracle in 2018. It is Java runtime data logging software that is extremely lightweight and has very low overhead. Flight Recorder is often part of production operations at large Java shops. Flight recorder data can be used for near-real-time monitoring or saved for later playback and analysis.

How is Zulu Mission Control Licensed?

Zulu Mission Control and JDK Mission Control are licensed under the Universal Permissive License (UPL), version 1.0. You can view the license in its entirety at

Does Azul support Zulu Mission Control as part of a Zulu Enterprise subscription?

Yes, all Azul customers with a Zulu Enterprise subscription at any level are entitled to support for Zulu Mission Control. 

Does Azul make free builds of Zulu Mission Control available?

Yes. Free, unsupported builds of Zulu Mission Control are available for download at Builds are available for clients running Windows, Linux, and macOS.

What versions of Zulu Mission Control are supported by Azul?

Support will be available starting with version 7.0. Currently, the available code is part of an early-access (EA) build. General availability is expected before the end of Q1, 2019.

What versions of OpenJDK are supported by Zulu Mission Control?

Properly-configured builds of Zulu Enterprise 8 and 11 are supported by Zulu Mission Control. Other builds of OpenJDK, as well as properly-licensed builds of Oracle Java SE, are very likely to work as well.

Do systems running Zulu Mission Control count against the totals of my Zulu Enterprise subscription?

No.  You can run as many Zulu Mission Control consoles as you like.

Do I need to install OpenJFX or ZuluFX to run Zulu Mission Control?

No, that is not necessary.

We use Oracle’s Java Mission Control in our operation. Can we switch to Zulu Mission Control?

Yes, although unless your target systems are running Zulu Enterprise, you should use a Zulu OpenJDK build of Zulu Mission Control.

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