Zulu® Embedded is a certified build of OpenJDK that is fully compliant with the Java SE standard. Each build is certified using Azul’s rigorous quality assurance processes and passes the full OpenJDK TCK Java compliance suite. Zulu Embedded is 100% open source and freely downloadable. Now Java developers, device makers, and appliance manufacturers can enjoy the full benefits of open source Java with no license fees or field of use restrictions.

Zulu Embedded Support Plans offer customized form factors (e.g. JREs or Compact Profiles with minimum footprint), early access to bug fixes and security updates, long lifespan support, patent indemnification, and assurances against open source licenses with viral-clause contamination. Zulu Embedded Support pricing models are flexible, and include per device, per user, flat rate, and customer-specific plans.

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8 8u121 ARM 32bit JDK on Linux (for ARM v8/v7/v6 Soft Float ABI) DOWNLOAD.TAR
8 8u121 ARM 32bit JDK on Linux (for ARM v8/v7/v6 Hard Float ABI) DOWNLOAD.TAR
8 8u121 x86 64bit JDK on Linux DOWNLOAD.TAR
8 8u121 x86 64bit JDK on Windows DOWNLOAD.ZIP
8 8u65 x86 32bit Compact Profile 3 on Windows 10 loT Core (for MinnowBoard MAX) DOWNLOAD.ZIP

The Zulu Device API Kit (Zulu DAK)  and sample codes is available here for Device I/O APIs for Windows IoT Core.


For any other configurations, please contact us. With Zulu®Embedded you have complete flexibility, and Azul can help you design and create an embedded Java build to fit your unique business needs.



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