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Hamatomo Corporation

Silver Partner

横浜を拠点とするHamatomo Corporationは政府機関やグローバル企業と連携しながら、アズールと協業し顧客のJava戦略の合理化及び経費削減と高機能化を進め、また、世界や日本の優れたソフトウェアやIT関連製品(機器、部品等)、生活産業用品を日本国内への販売はもとより、海外への輸出入をしております。

Tokyo-based Hamatomo Corporation, which works with government offices and global companies, will collaborate with Azul on rationalizing their customers’ Java strategies. “We are honored to have this partner agreement and look forward to selling and technically supporting Azul products to many customers in Japan,” said Tatsuo Wada, CEO, Hamatomo

Tatsuo Wada, CEO, Hamatomo Corporation