Azul Introduces Code Inventory The Solution That Identifies Unused and Dead Code for Removal in Production, Saving Developer Time and Money 

ASM Technologies

Distributor Partner

ASM enable the world’s leading IT Systems Integrators and Value-Added Resellers to significantly reduce the number of suppliers used in their supply chains.

Our clients benefit from a solution that delivers strategic supplier rationalisation and improved access to enterprise & innovative technologies. We focus on tail-end spend management and are able to generate significant cost savings and increased ROI. We reduce the risk of maverick and ineffective spend whilst remaining agile, compliant and cost-effective at all times.

ASM Technologies offices are located across two locations within the UK – Central London and North West England.

We also have offices in the business districts of Paris in France and Düsseldorf in Germany. Logistics and technical facilities are based in both the UK & Germany.