SpringOne Platform 2019

October 7-10, 2019 | Austin, Texas, USA

SpringOne Platform is the premier conference for getting hands-on with modern software. Meet other developers, operators, and leaders and build scalable applications people love.

Azul’s CTO and co-founder, Gil Tene will hold a presentation at the event under the title: ‘Keeping Up with Java: Look at all these New Features!’ In this session, he’ll take a tour of the new features that will help developers, and cover the things that improve Java deployments. He’ll also discuss issues that will affect migration of applications from earlier versions and choices about which version to choose for deployment. Oracle has changed the license for their JDK; the way updates are made available is also different from what we’re used to; he’ll cover this licensing issue and the implications this will have for you as a user, and finish with a quick discussion of the best approaches to take to adapt to this and the choices available.

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