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"We’re glad to see Azul Systems keeping pace with the latest developments among the OpenJDK community and congratulate them on the latest release of Zulu, an OpenJDK build for Windows Server on the Azure platform. We continue to see rising interest in these tools from our diverse development community, and so we are already working to integrate Zulu 8.0 into the Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java by Microsoft Open Technologies."

Martin Sawicki

principal program manager, MS Open Tech

Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform. With Azure, you can  build, deploy and manage applications across Microsoft-managed datacenters worldwide. Use any language, tool or framework to build your applications and integrate them with your existing IT environment.

Through the partnership between Azul Systems and Microsoft Azure, the global community of Java developers gain access to open source Java on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azul Zulu® is a commercialized, fully supported multiplatform build of OpenJDK™ and is available on Microsoft Azure. The Azure Virtual Machines Gallery provides a range of prefab virtual machine templates, including several preinstalled with Zulu. VMs for Windows and Linux are available in the Azure Gallery with optional Standard technical support provided by Azul’s JVM support staff.

Azul Zing/Microsoft Azure Technical Resources

Using Zulu on Azure

Read the Press Release July 2013

“Java developers have many development and deployment choices for their applications, and today MS Open Tech and Azul made it easier for Java developers to build and run modern applications in Microsoft’s open cloud platform.”
– Jean Paoli, president, MS Open Tech

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