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Presenter: Azul Deputy CTO Simon Ritter
May 2020

Customer-facing systems and key enterprise applications are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand across numerous industries.

The financial services sector is reporting occasional outages of key platforms, credit risk system challenges, and renewed demand for outsourced trading. The telecoms field is dealing with significant increases in peak data use, and the public sector is seeing unprecedented demand for online services.

Now, more than ever, enterprises and public institutions have to maintain and even increase performance with their key software infrastructure, while containing costs and optimizing their IT resources.

In this webinar, Java Champion Simon Ritter reviews how rapidly changing levels of demand affect Java application system capacity and performance, specifically memory utilization, code performance, and speed of application warmup, drawing examples from the finance, tech, and retail sectors.

He looks at how key applications can deliver the levels of service required with costs minimized, whether from black swan shock events like Covid-19 or more predictable diurnal and seasonal volatilities.

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