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Vega® 3 Compute Appliance

Azul's pauseless Java technology implemented in a dedicated configuration.

Breakthrough scalability

864 cores, 768 GB of memory In a single enclosure.

Simple to deploy

No application changes. No architecture changes.

Reduces server sprawl

33X more throughput than traditional x86 servers.

Unpredictable workload?

Keep your site alive during Black Friday.

When the challenge is massive

Network attached processing with Vega 3 is an innovative way to deliver compute power to enterprise Java applications, enabling organizations to achieve the same consolidation benefits in the application, web and data tiers.

Hardware and software, designed together.

The powerful Vega 3 CPU contains 54 cores and provides hardware support for Azul's Pauseless Garbage Collection software.

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Capacity. On demand.

By supplementing traditional servers with a shared Compute Pool of ultra-high-capacity Azul Compute Appliances, network attached processing provides virtually unlimited processor and memory resources for Java-based applications.

Saks Fifth Avenue Case Study

The technologies behind Vega 3

The Vega 3 processor

A powerful 54-core CPU designed for Java workloads

The Azul Virtual Machine

Allows individual application instances to scale to 670 GB and 100s of CPU cores

Compute Pool Manager

A flexible, policy based tool that dynamically allocates and redistributes compute resources

Real-Time Performance Manager

Always on, zero overhead: View all aspects of an application, including thread, memory, and IO profiles

Pauseless Java Garbage Collection

Hardware-assisted Pauseless Garbage Collection eliminates GC-related application pauses

Optimistic thread concurrency

Minimizes the impact of scalability bottlenecks caused by synchronization and lock contentions

“Azul’s unique approach to application scalability is unmatched. With the Azul solution we saw tremendous improvements in application performance and response time consistency in our production website.”

Ron Cavallo
Director of Infrastructure
Saks Fifth Avenue

Vega pioneered pauseless GC

Today you have a choice in leading-edge Java runtime performance. Choose Vega 3 for high-capacity JDK 1.4 and 1.5-based workloads. For applications built in Java SE 8, 7 or 6, check out Zing, a highly cost-effective 100% software-based solution containing Azul’s C4 and ReadyNow! technology, optimized for commodity Linux servers.

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