Confused by all the changes in the Java roadmap? We’ve summarized your $Free JDK options here.

Oracle’s decision to stop publishing “$free” LTS (Long Term Supported) releases (e.g. Java 7, 8 & 11) has led to the rapid growth of new free and paid for distributions. The matrix below provides a comparison of these “$free” JDK distributions from OS vendors to Java Communities and build bots:


JDK Offerings for the Enterprise

Azul Zulu CommunityAmazon CorrettoIcedTea


Based on OpenJDK44444
100% Open Source, freely available, no field of use restrictions44444
TCK Tested (guaranteed Java SE compliance)44440
Patent Grant (inherited patent rights to use the JDK)44440
Free Quarterly Updates (single build combining security & enhancements)44444
Performance Parity with Oracle Java SE44444
Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris)43234
Native Alpine Linux (musl libc)40000
Multiple Installers & Packages (tar, deb, MSI, DMG, JDK/JREs)42112
Feature Enhancements (e.g. Fonts, JFR, TLS 1.3)41010
Repos and Updates via yum & apt-get40044
Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control (for Java 8)40000
32-bit support40001
OpenJFX (JavaFX)44100
LTS (Java 8, 11, …) and Feature Releases (Java 12, 13, 14, …)42214
Java 7 support40000
Java Web Start and Applets20202
Product Availability Lifecycle8 Years6 Years6 Years6 Years6 Years
Optional Commercial Support (e.g. 24×7, out-of-cycle fixes, etc.)40000


Get $free Zulu Community Builds of OpenJDK from the download page.

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