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OpenJDK vs Oracle JDK – Comparison Table

Confused by all the changes in the Java roadmap? We’ve summarized your JDK options here.

The changes in Java’s release cadence and the disappearance of free quarterly updates from Oracle for older Java versions have resulted in many JDK options for the Java community. The table below compares the most popular JDK options: the top half of the table outlines the features and capabilities of various builds of both open and closed-source JDKs, and the bottom highlights differences between the commercial support offerings from Azul and other vendors.

Product & Features

Commercial Support Services

Azul has delivered and supported Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK to the Java community and world-leading organizations since 2014. Today, Zulu is used in tens of millions of servers, cloud instances and devices.

In addition, Azul now provides commercial support for new high quality Eclipse Temurin runtimes from the Eclipse Foundation Adoptium Project.

Azul’s world-class Platform Core support offerings provide SLA commitments for security updates, bug fixes and also incorporate specific curated additions such as Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control for both Java 8 and 11, plus industry-leading IP protection and license verification.

For additional information regarding Azul Platform Core commercial support offerings, Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK, and Eclipse Temurin runtimes, please contact an Azul OpenJDK specialist today.

*Important note: if your business depends on production support for Java 7 or Java 6, Learn more about your options.