Confused by all the changes in the Java roadmap? We’ve summarized your JDK options here.

The changes in Java’s release cadence and the disappearance of free quarterly updates from Oracle for older Java versions have resulted in various new JDK options for the Java community. The table below provides a comparison of these JDK options:  the top half of the table outlines the features and capabilities of various builds of both open and closed-source JDKs, and the bottom highlights differences between the commercial support offerings from Azul and other vendors.


JDK Offerings for the Enterprise

Azul Zulu EnterpriseAzul Zulu CommunityOracle
Java SE
Red Hat


Based on OpenJDK444444
100% Open Source, freely available, no field of use restrictions440444
TCK Tested (guaranteed Java SE compliance)444440
Patent Grant (inherited patent rights to use the JDK)444440
Free Quarterly Updates (single build combining security & enhancements)440444
Performance Parity with Oracle Java SE444444
Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris)444324
Native Alpine Linux (musl libc)440000
Multiple Installers & Packages (tar, deb, MSI, DMG, JDK/JREs)442221
Repos and Updates via yum & apt-get440044
Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control (for Java 8)444000
OpenJFX (JavaFX)444400
LTS (Java 8, 11, …)* and Feature Releases (Java 12, 13, 14, …)444224
Java 7 support444040
32-bit support444041
Java Web Start and Applets022022

JDK Offerings for the Enterprise

Azul Zulu EnterpriseAzul Zulu CommunityOracle
Java SE
Red Hat


Wide variety of Supported Platforms & Environments4031
(AWS only)
(RHEL/  Windows only)
24x7x365 Support (1-hour SLA)404440
SLA for Quarterly Updates (guaranteed timely access)404000
Security-only Quarterly Updates, fit for urgent deployment404000
Out-of-cycle Critical Fixes (independent from OpenJDK)404240
Commercial Support Production Lifecycle8+ Years05 Years
(+3 Years Extended)
6 Years6 Years0
Advanced Product Enhancements (e.g. Fonts, JFR, TLS 1.3, FX)443100
Dedicated Global Java Support Team403030
Engineering capacity to root-cause and fix bugs (independent from OpenJDK)444130
Patent and Non-Contamination Indemnification400020
Non-Contamination Certification and Source Code “Cleansing”40N/A000
CommercialMTS” Support for Java 13, 15, …400000


Azul has been making free Zulu builds of OpenJDK available to the Java community since 2014, and Zulu is being used in tens of millions of servers and devices today. Azul’s world-class Zulu Enterprise and Zulu Embedded support offerings provide SLA commitments for security updates and bug fixes and also incorporate specific additions that include full support for Flight Recorder and Mission Control for both Java 8 and 11, plus industry-leading IP protection and license verification.

For additional information regarding Zulu builds of OpenJDK and commercial support offerings, please contact an Azul OpenJDK specialist today.

*Important note: if your business depends on production support for Java 7 or Java 6, please contact us immediately to review your options.

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