QCon London 2015 Faster Objects and Arrays

Azul CTO Gil Tene introduces org.ObjectLayout, a new Java package designed specifically to enable JVMs to optimize memory layout for arrays and objects in a way that closely matches the performance behaviors of arrays of structs and struct-in-struct in C.


SV JUG 2015 JVM Mechanics

Azul VM Engineer Douglas Hawkins describes how the Java Virtual Machine's decisions affect the processing and performance of your code.


QCon NY 2015, How NOT to Measure Latency

Azul Director of Product Management Matt Schuetze discusses common pitfalls encountered in measuring and characterizing latency, and ways to address them using some recently open sourced tools.


QCon London 2014 Understanding Latency – Key Lessons and Tools

Azul CTO Gil Tene discusses common pitfalls encountered in measuring and characterizing latency and ways to address them using some new open source tools.


QCon London 2015, LMAX Exchange and the Zing JVM

Azul CTO Gil Tene and LMAX Exchange Senior Developer Mark Price discuss lessons learned from a long-term real-world deployment of low latency Java technology.


Confitura 2014 JVM Troubleshooting with Simple Tools

Daniel Witkowski, Azul Systems describes how to use free and open source as well as system software to find application problems in a very fast way and without using any commercial tools.


QCon SF 2014 Priming Java for Speed

Azul CTO Gil Tene describes JIT compiler optimization techniques and their performance impact.


SpringOne 2011 Understanding Java GC

Azul CTO Gil Tene classifies current Java garbage collection algorithms and how your choice of collector affects application performance.


Orange County JUG 2011 Java Benchmarking

This presentation by Cliff Click, Jr. offers tips for any programmer who has tried to benchmark anything, including specific advice on how to benchmark, stumbling blocks to look out for, and real-world examples of how well-known benchmarks fail to actually measure what they intended to measure.

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