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Why Replace the Oracle JDK with OpenJDK? 
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QCon 2019 Panel: Startup and VM Futures with Gil Tene

YOW! 2019 – Gil Tene – How I learned to stop worrying and love misery

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Garbage Collection

Really Understanding Garbage Collection – QCon San Francisco

The State of Java in 2019

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Azul Systems’ Growth Fueled by Java at Embedded World 2019

How To Install JDK

Ivan Krylov – Code One 2018 – Compiling faster, compiling better with Falcon

Douglas Hawkins — ReadyNow — an «AOT» with profiling for Java

Java Microservices in the Cloud with Zing and Kubernetes

JDK 9, 10, 11 and Beyond: Delivering New Feature in the JDK

Cross Run Considerations with Gil Tene — JVM Language Summit 2018

Implementing Truly Final Fields in the Zing JVM with Anna Thomas — JVM Language Summit 2018

55 New Features in JDK 9 by Simon Ritter

Interview with Azul’s EVP of Global Field Operations Eric Graber at Embedded World 2018

It’s very important that there is a standard for Java – Interview with Simon Ritter – DOAG

A Quick Intro to Falcon with Philip Reames – JVM Language Summit

JVM Death Match @QCon NYC / NYC Java SIG

Interview with Simon Ritter at Voxxed Days Bristol

Is an agile standard possible for JAVA? – Simon Ritter

New Features in Oracle HotSpot’s G1 Collector

Java (SE) State of the Union

Intro to Coordinated Omission – Chicago JUG by Paul Nauman

10 Reasons Why Java Is The Best Platform For Developing IoT Applications

Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory by Gil Tene

Java in the Cloud: Ascendance-Atlanta JUG by Matt Schuetze

It’s Java Jim, But Not As We Know It by Simon Ritter

Faster Java by Adding Structs (Sort Of) by Simon Ritter

What’s New in Java 9 by Gil Tene

“Project Jigsaw in JDK 9: Modularity Comes To Java” by Simon Ritter

What is Your JIT (Not) Telling You – with Douglas Q. Hawkins @dougqh VM Engineer

Functional Programming in Java 8

OSCON 2016 Java 9 Sneak Peek: An Embedded Tale with Matt Schuetze

Simon Ritter – Open Source and OpenJDK: Do They Deliver?

Interview with Simon Ritter on Java 9

Preparing for JDK 9 with Zulu and OpenJDK – Simon Ritter

How NOT to Measure Latency

Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory

AJUG – Enabling Java in Latency Sensitive Environments – Matt Schuetze

Embedded World 2016 Video: Azul Systems, the “kings of Java” for embedded

Gil Tene on Understanding Latency

Modularization with Project Jigsaw in JDK 9

Cassandra in Response Time Sensitive Environments, QCon SF, Azul CTO Gil Tene

How is Zulu JDK Made? In Russian (with English Subtitles)

How NOT to Measure Latency, QCon NY 2015, Azul Director of Product Management Matt Schuetze

Zulu®, Azul’s Open Source Distribution of OpenJDK for Microsoft Azure, Azul CTO Gil Tene

Gil Tene GOTO Chicago 2015

WHOIS Tech Community Video Interview with Azul CTO Gil Tene

Faster Objects and Arrays, QCon London 2015, Azul CTO Gil Tene

JVM Mechanics, SV JUG 2015, Azul VM Engineer Douglas Hawkins

Confitura 2014 JVM Troubleshooting with Simple Tools

Priming Java for Speed at Market Open, QCon NY 2014, Azul CTO Gil Tene

Understanding Latency: Key Lessons, and Some Tools, QCon London 2014, Azul CTO Gil Tene

QCon London 2014 Understanding Latency – Key Lessons and Tools

What’s New in the JVM in Java 8

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