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Webinar: April 15, 2020

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Zing -- Proven in Capital Markets

"On the day after the US election, our volumes surged 400%. Zero performance degradation on the systems using Zing."

“On the days that followed the Brexit vote, our volumes increased 30X, with no latency issues, nor any degraded performance due to running the applications on Zing!”

These are real quotes from Azul users at leading investment banking firms. Is your infrastructure ready for the next disruptive election, or even the next Tweet?

Consistent Execution, Predictable Performance

"LMAX Exchange is already one of the fastest execution venues for FX and our deep technological collaboration with Azul will help to ensure we continue to deliver even faster and more consistent execution for our clients in the future."
Edward McDaid, CIO at LMAX Exchange

Ensure a predictable trading environment

Zing helps ensure a fair execution environment for all your customers, and delivers pauseless operation even when zero-GC frameworks are in use. Zing protects your existing software investment while improving time to market for new algorithms, freeing up development resources for innovation and ultimately removing tail risk from your operation.

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Let Zing help drive your growth

Zing® is widely deployed throughout the capital markets sector. Its advanced technology is capable of delivering ultra-low latency, consistently high performance and predictability, ensuring a fair and high-performance execution platform.

Latency Benchmark

Predictable low latency

Microsecond level latency for machine to machine / sub-second level for Web/interactive

Solve Java Warm-up Issues at Market Open

Zing ReadyNow! technology targets Java’s warm-up problem. Start your trading day at full speed.

Eliminate Java Jitter

No coding changes, recompilation, or special configuration required

Simplify development and testing

Your developers and architects can focus on new strategies and new functionality without GC worries

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Capital Markets Solution Brief

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LMAX Exchange Case Study

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Proven in 8 of the top 10 investment banks and multiple exchanges worldwide

Zing is deployed globally in capital markets systems ranging from trading platforms to matching engines and many more. See how Zing can transform your operation.

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