Java for Embedded Systems

Tired of high Java licensing costs, restrictive terms of use and proprietary vendor lock-in?
Azul is the world's largest commercial vendor delivering multi-platform, 100% open source OpenJDK builds targeting the embedded, IoT and maker communities

Deliver flexibility, eliminate costs and restrictions

“For the industry to take the next step towards realizing the expansive vision of IoT, development environments built on open source technologies have the potential to deliver the flexibility, economics, and time to market advantages needed to match an increasingly long set of compelling use cases. Zulu Embedded provides an intriguing, pure open source solution for the IoT and embedded markets requiring a robust Java SE implementation.”
Brian Partridge, VP, 451 Research Mobility Team

Java: Ready for your Embedded requirements

Azul delivers compelling choices for Java-based products such as routers and switches, ATM machines, Point of Sale (POS) systems, avionics systems, RFID readers, automotive electronics, as well as robust, high-function designs throughout the IoT.

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Conforms to Standards

A 100% open source & customizable Java SE solution, compliant with Java versions 8, 7, and 6. Tested and certified by Azul Systems.

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Certified compliant with Java SE 8, 7, and 6

Multiple processor architectures

Choose ARM, Intel, PowerPC or MIPS

Custom configurations

Choose headless or headful, 32 or 64-bit, custom form factors and other options

Flexible pricing plans

Choose per device, per user, flat rate and customer-specific tailored plans.

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Electronic Design Q & A

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Zulu Embedded: Partner Perspectives

“We’re excited that with Zulu Embedded’s upcoming support for ARM32, the work Microsoft and Azul are doing to bring the latest Java and OpenJDK support to Windows IoT Core will enable Java developers to use their language of choice on their Windows IoT board of choice.” -- Billy Anders, Director of Program Management for Windows IoT
Microsoft Corporation

“As an open source option for Java virtual machines, Zulu Embedded provides developers with flexibility for designs running Wind River Linux and binary ready Wind River Pulsar Linux Platforms. With each new development, Azul Systems continues to create new opportunities that help Wind River Linux customers quickly and easily tackle a wide range of projects, now including support for those based on 32-bit ARM processors.” -- Dinyar Dastoor, General Manager of Operating Systems
Wind River

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