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Solutions for Telecom

Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are transforming how service providers and OEMs build and deliver new products. Azul helps current and next-gen Java-based applications deliver a better and more consistent UX and jitter-free operation without the cost and complexity of tuning or re-architecting.

When predictable latency is essential

“Zing provides nearly unlimited scalability for telecoms applications. It is ideal for real time networking, and by removing the shortcomings of Java such as inconsistent response times and application jitter, enables service providers to focus on new revenue models and innovative new mobile offerings.”
Scott Sellers, Azul Systems CEO

Azul helps enable wireless, wireline and broadband service providers to:

• Meet strict service level and regulatory mandates
• Deliver rich new mobile experiences
• Reduce or eliminate glitches due to Java GC
• Launch new businesses leveraging Big Data
• Ensure consistent, reliable operation of BSS/OSS
• Meet the performance targets of M2M and IoT

Java is ubiquitous across the network

Java is widely-used, essential, mature technology that has been powering business across the wireless sector for nearly twenty years.

Azul Systems builds better JVMs that deliver consistently better performance — for subscriber- and network-facing business and IT systems.

Meet tough service level requirements without re-architecting.

Zing® eliminates Java jitter and delivers consistently low latency for network applications

Reduce licensing and support costs

Azul’s Java products are sold by subscription. Pricing is easy to understand.

Control when you upgrade Java

Azul supports major Java releases for at least 10 years. No 2-year EoL cycle.

Standardizing on OpenJDK? Get Zulu®.

Zulu® is a 100% open source build of OpenJDK, with Tier 1 support.

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Wireless Solution

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Low-latency infographic

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Where can Azul add value to your network?

Azul’s Java runtimes are used throughout the communications sector in systems ranging from call routing to mobile stores.

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