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Reliability Standard Protocol CIP-013

Cyber Security Supply Chain Risk Management for the Power, Electrical and Utilities Industries

Verify Software Integrity and Authenticity of Java Software and Patches

On October 1st, 2020 (extended from July 1st), a new NERC [North American Electric Reliability Corporation] standard, CIP-013, takes effect. Azul Systems provide enterprise JDKs that can adhere to Section R1.2.5: “Verification of software integrity and authenticity of all software and patches provided by the vendor for use in the BES [Bulk Electrical System] Cyber System” and assist with Section 1.2.4 requirement: “Disclosure by vendors of known vulnerabilities related to the products or services provided to the Responsible Entity”.

Better Pricing

Azul Zulu Enterprise simply costs much less. See the Azul Price Savings Calculator.

No Strings Attached

Azul Zulu is 100% open source – no proprietary licenses or field of use restrictions.

Security-Specific Update Patches

Azul Zulu ‘CPU’ Updates handle severe critical vulnerabilities as soon as they are published.

Support When You Need It

Get quarterly and out-of-band security updates and bug fixes with an industry-leading support SLA.

Relevant Product and Support Features of Azul Zulu Enterprise for CIP-013

Feature Azul Zulu Enterprise
100% Open Source – no restrictions, no hassle
Security-only updates for immediate deployment
Production-quality support for Java 8, 11, 13, and 14 PLUS older Java versions like Java 7 and Java 6
Out-of-Cycle Critical Fixes
Dedicated global Java support team
Simple licensing; flexible subscription options
Convenient notifications of updates and security information

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