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Zulu® Embedded, an open source Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based on OpenJDK developed for manufacturers in embedded, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), is available.

Azul Introduces Zulu Embedded for Wind River Marketplace

Jan 14, 2016 | 3 MIN READ

Today we announced that Zulu® Embedded, our open source Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based on OpenJDK developed for manufacturers in the embedded, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, is now available to download on the Wind River® Marketplace. The Wind River Marketplace is an online app store where Wind River customers can find and evaluate best-of-breed add-on IoT solutions from the Wind River partner ecosystem.

Here’s why this is important for the IoT and Embedded Community:

• Zulu Embedded for Java 7 and 8 is now certified and supported on Wind River Linux
• Prepackaged Wind River Marketplace offerings are tested and validated for seamless interoperability to help accelerate time-to-market and foster design innovations
• Zulu Embedded commercial support and customization on Wind River Linux also now available from Azul 

The Wind River Marketplace offers software that ranges from safety, security, and storage to connectivity, graphics, and development tools. Customers benefit from simplified “try-before-buy” options, a modern app store experience, and easy installation and evaluation of complementary software. Working with Wind River, Azul has tested and validated Zulu Embedded for seamless interoperability with Wind River Linux, an operating system that combines embedded expertise with the flexibility and freedom of open source software.

Zulu Embedded is 100% open source and is based on OpenJDK, the Java Community project where Java is developed and evolved. Zulu Embedded allows developers to utilize a Java SE standards compliant package to suit their specific support and configuration needs. Each Zulu Embedded build is verified by Azul using the Java Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) and incorporates the latest OpenJDK bug fixes and security patches.

Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems, said: “Zulu Embedded has been deployed in millions of devices worldwide, as its open source nature and compliance with Java SE standards offers a compelling economic and technical proposition for a wide range of high volume embedded and IoT products. We are pleased to now offer Zulu Embedded on the Wind River Marketplace, enabling many more developers targeting embedded and IoT devices to have access to a best-in-class open source Java development kit and runtime.”

“Zulu Embedded is unique to the Wind River ecosystem as it’s the only Java offering based on OpenJDK, and we’re very pleased to include Azul among our partners in the Wind River Marketplace,” said Dinyar Dastoor, vice president and general manager of operating system platforms at Wind River. “The Marketplace provides partners with a unique opportunity to showcase their products to our vast customer base, and the open source nature of both Wind River Linux and Zulu Embedded make a great combination for Java developers in the embedded and IoT markets.”

To download Zulu Embedded from the Wind River Marketplace, visit bit.ly/1ZWRWOr. For more information regarding Zulu Embedded visit our Zulu Embedded product page. The Zulu Community website is www.zulu.org.

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