Free Java 8 security updates from Oracle ended in January.

Azul can help keep your Java infrastructure secure.

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Zulu Embedded™
Open Source Java for ISVs & Embedded Systems

Tired of high Java licensing costs, restrictive terms of use and proprietary vendor lock-in?

Azul is the world's largest commercial vendor delivering multi-platform, 100% open source OpenJDK builds targeting ISVs, embedded systems, and the IoT.

100% Open Source

Fully certified builds of OpenJDK. Now with Flight Recorder for OpenJDK 8.


One Size Does Not Fit All! Get OpenJDK the way you need it.

Save on license fees

Reduce product cost and eliminate restrictions on field of use or redistribution.

Security updates and bug fixes

Get timely Java updates without breaking the bank.

Guard your IP

Zulu Embedded protects your software from copyleft contamination.

Innovate smarter with Zulu® Embedded

Zulu® Embedded is the only fully certified, completely customizable 100% open source Java platform for embedded systems plus IoT and IIoT edge devices, gateways and dedicated applications.

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Easy to deploy

Across a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Zulu® Embedded meets all Java SE standards and requires no coding changes to your application. Leverage industry-standard Java tools for development and profiling.

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Simple and flexible pricing

As a pure, 100% open source offering there are no license fees. Every Zulu Embedded support plan offers redistribution-ready downloadable runtimes, access to all security updates, technical troubleshooting, and a wide set of packaging alternatives. We will work with you to determine the bundle requirements, support, and pricing model needed to match your requirements.

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Supported Platforms


Java 7 and 8 including JDK 8 Compact Profiles plus future LTS releases


Arm® v5, v6, v7, and 32-bit v8 plus 64-bit Armv8. x86, 32 and 64-bit. PowerPC, MIPS, and SPARC.


Standard package types such as ZIP, MSI, and DEB are available

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris, and QNX -- check for specific versions and bitness

ISV and Embedded Configurations

Choose full JDKs, JREs, compact profiles, jlink -- whatever your design needs

Zulu and the IoT

Zulu is widely deployed by IoT OEMs in use cases ranging from home automation, IIoT, in-vehicle infotainment, and many more.

Zulu Embedded now supports 32-bit ARM® processors, the most popular architecture for embedded systems

“Today Azul made Java on 32-bit Arm more accessible. By using Zulu Embedded on 32-bit Arm processors, the global community of Java developers are assured of a high-quality foundation for their Java implementations leveraging the latest advances in OpenJDK.”

Mike Milinkovich
Eclipse Foundation Executive Director

Get started with Zulu® Embedded

With Zulu® Embedded you have complete flexibility, and we can help you design and create an embedded Java build to fit your unique business needs

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