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Oracle Changes It’s
Java Pricing Again!

Get predictable cost savings you can count on with Azul. Say goodbye to exorbitant
price hikes, the threat of a pending Oracle audit, and sales pressure to move to
Oracle Cloud. Get expert engineering support for your Java applications with a
certified compatible 1-for-1 replacement of Oracle Java SE.

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Secure and Stable JVM

Customer Success with Platform Core

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Reduced Java licensing fees
by 80% by migrating to
Azul JVMs.


Elevated security and stability of customers’ enterprise Java deployments.


Boosted their customer relationships by eliminating the need to buy JDK licenses.

Winning with Azul Platform Core: Driving down Java costs while ensuring secure, stable operations

Drive Down Java Support Costs While Maintaining Stable, Secure Operations

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See How OpenJDK Compares to OracleJDK

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Based on OpenJDK

100% Open Source, Freely Available,
no field of use restrictions

TCK Tested
(guaranteed Java SE compliance)

Patent Grant
(inherited patent rights to use the JDK)

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