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Payara Services Ltd Relies on Azul Runtimes

Improves security and stability of customers’ enterprise Java deployments.

  • Needed to include builds of OpenJDK with Payara Platform Enterprise as part of included support services.
  • Wanted to support clients with more versions of Java and reduce their infrastructure costs while increasing their development flexibility free of complicated license commitments to Oracle.
  • Azul Platform Core ensures that Payara Enterprise includes the most secure builds of OpenJDK, Java-certified TCK-tested for Java versions 15, 13, 11, 8, and 7.
  • Azul provides the broadest platform support in the industry, and the industry’s best engineering support services.
  • Best expressed by Payara client Jan Nielsson, IT Architect at Rekryteringsmyndigheten: “Key to our decision was the promise of long-term support for both products and the guarantee of compatibility between Payara and the Azul JDK. The partnership of the two businesses is therefore beneficial to us, and will contribute to the security and stability of our Enterprise Java deployments—now and well into the future.”

With Azul as our partner, we deliver a fully-supported open source platform for production MicroProfile and Jakarta EE applications with Payara Enterprise, backed by Azul’s award-winning support organization, enabling us to provide Enterprise customers with a secure and stable application platform from the JVM on up.

Steve Millidge, Founder and Technical Director, Payara Services Ltd
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MORE JAVA for up to 90% less than Oracle.

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed for the enterprise, featuring the fully certified, Java SE standard-compliant builds, tight security, cost efficiencies, and support SLAs (the best in the industry) that you need to run today’s business-critical, Java-based services.