Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (“CRaC”) is now generally available in Azul Zulu 17 with CRaC support for Linux x86 64-bit.

Eurotech: Powering IoT with Azul Platform Core​

“All the building blocks required to create embedded IoT services and applications.”

  • Eurotech wanted to deliver tested, certified, 100% open source builds of OpenJDK for Java developers building solutions on Eurotech’s embedded boards and edge computing devices.
  • Eurotech Java-based embedded devices now include Azul Builds of OpenJDK for systems based on x86 and Arm processors.
  • By integrating Azul, Eurotech and its customers have the advantages of tested, certified, multi-platform builds of OpenJDK, access to timely Java security updates and bug fixes, and their IP is protected by Azul’s guarantees against the risk of open source patent infringement and license contamination.

“Azul brings another technology block that helps customers meet their needs for smart embedded solutions required to create embedded IoT services and applications.”

Giuseppe Surace, Chief Products and Marketing Officer, Eurotech
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MORE JAVA for up to 90% less than Oracle.

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed to support embedded IoT use cases. Platform Core features fully certified, TCK-tested full-featured builds, as well as stabilized, security-only builds backed by the best SLAs in the industry.​

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