Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (“CRaC”) is now generally available in Azul Zulu 17 with CRaC support for Linux x86 64-bit.

Kyocera Document Solutions Are Powered by Azul Platform Core

“We found it very easy to do business with Azul.”

  • With many millions of consumer print devices sold worldwide, Kyocera needed to implement OpenJDK on multifunctional products and printers built using both Arm and PowerPC-based microprocessors.
  • Azul’s certified, tested, multi-platform builds of OpenJDK for 32-bit Arm processors. Subsequent orders included Azul Platform Core builds of OpenJDK for PowerPC and 64-bit Arm processors as well.
  • Lower costs, and direct access to and support from Azul product and engineering teams. Kyocera likes doing business with Azul and can trust that Azul will deliver when they say they will.

“We found it very easy to do business with Azul. Azul’s business model and terms were very flexible, and they helped to simplify our operations by removing constraints.”

Michihiro Okada, General Manager of Software R&D Division, Kyocera Document Solutions
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MORE JAVA for up to 90% less than Oracle.

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed to support embedded IoT use cases. Platform Core features fully certified, TCK-tested full-featured builds, as well as stabilized, security-only builds backed by the best SLAs in the industry​.