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NetDocuments: SaaS Pioneer in Search

NetDocuments’ document search capabilities are scalable, thanks to Azul, to serve large organizations with millions of documents and thousands of users.

  • NetDocuments’ users manage over 1 billion documents across four global datacenters, leveraging the world’s most feature-rich, efficient document management service on the Web and a cloud delivery model. Search speed, however, was an issue on the Java-based system.
  • At an Apache Solr training session, the NetDocuments team learned about a blog post about Azul Platform Prime being tested with Lucene and found to remove all pauses, even when utilizing more than 70 gigabytes in the Solr RAM Directory, which is just what NetDocuments was looking to accomplish. Within minutes after starting their Azul Prime trial, the NetDocuments developers observed the complete elimination of Java garbage collection pauses, fueling the success of their migration to Solr.
  • GC pauses of a minute or more were eliminated without re-coding or re-architecting.
  • The need to babysit the JVM was eliminated; now engineers can focus on new features.
  • The NetDocuments team found Azul Platform Prime helpful in targeting application memory leaks.

“Without Azul Prime, we would not have been able to deploy Apache Solr for our production system. Our customers could have experienced long pauses when searching for critical documents.”

Mou Nandi, Search Engineer and Architect, NetDocuments
A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that ensures consistent response times, reduces system stalls, and delivers better customer experiences—all with far less infrastructure.

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