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OpenHAB Makes Open Source Smart Home Platform

Canonical, openHAB Foundation, and Azul team up to deliver a flexible, free control hub for home IoT setups.

  • There is strong demand for smart home applications and devices, but vendor lock-in to one particular ecosystem makes it difficult to use the devices and services that users wish.
  • Every smart home setup is highly individual and hence the product choices vary. openHAB has established a universal smart home integration platform which is vendor-neutral and fully open towards integration with any existing smart home devices and services out there.
  • openHAB is software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and offers uniform user interfaces.
  • openHAB 2 is an open-source solution based on the Eclipse SmartHome framework. It is fully written in Java and uses Apache Karaf together with Eclipse Equinox as an OSGi runtime and bundles this with Jetty as an HTTP server. Consumers are free to mix and match hardware and services from different brands.

Our partnership with Ubuntu and Azul makes it simple to quickly set up openHAB in a secure way, without losing the ability for more technically advanced people to create and fine-tune their own applications.

Kai Kreuzer, President, OpenHAB
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