Open Source Builds of Zulu With OpenJFX

Interested in an open source Zulu Java SE 8 or Java SE 11 bundle that includes OpenJFX? 

You can download community builds of ZuluFX 8 and 11 here. ZuluFX is a series of fully-tested community open source builds of Zulu with OpenJFX that are built by Azul Systems. 

Please note: ZuluFX community builds on this page are available for 64-bit x86 processors only. 32-bit community builds of ZuluFX 8 are available by request — if you’d like access, please contact us.

Your Azul representative can also provide information about upcoming releases of ZuluFX.

ZuluFX is ideal for developers who are creating and maintaining desktop and Rich Internet Applications. All ZuluFX community builds are free to download and use without restrictions. Still have questions? Check out the ZuluFX FAQ.

By downloading software from this page, you agree to the Terms of Use.

Download ZuluFX

Java VersionOpenJDK  VersionFile DescriptionChecksum (MD5)File Type
88u202ZuluFX for Windows3bdf04cd229d5854377b27b0e027b054ZIP
88u202ZuluFX for Linux704d3cb971ac945367612f141b1900b5tar.gz
88u202ZuluFX for macOSe92411dcdac2add5881dda166eb3c353ZIP
1111.0.2ZuluFX for Windowsda2aa10fe575f75a6713b915cba7f504ZIP
1111.0.2ZuluFX for Linux14d627243f77d3143e806fb9624c4e46tar.gz
1111.0.2ZuluFX for macOSdf411ccfd00a3a7759d5d0e7064d3037ZIP

Download the installation package to an appropriate location on your target system. For example:


Expand the downloaded file.

$ tar -xzvf <zuluFX_package>.tar.gz

All ZuluFX files are expanded into appropriate folders relative to the <zulu_dir>/<zulu_jdk> subfolder. For example:




Contact an Azul specialist if you would like to discuss ZuluFX 8 support options.

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