Java Users Group – Central Iowa

February 13, 2020 | Des Moines, IA, USA

In this presentation, entitled ‘Exploring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)’, Azul’s Principal Field Engineer Paul Nauman will explore what a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) does and how it works.  He’ll look at the abstract model of a JVM, as described by the Java Virtual Machine Specification and then look at a few implementation approaches and optimizations. Paul will also take a look at Garbage Collection (GC) algorithms and the impacts they have on Java applications. Knowing how the JVM works can help you write cleaner, faster code.

About the speaker:  Paul Nauman helps Azul’s customers validate Azul’s products in their environments and maximize value from their use. Paul was previously a JVM engineer at Oracle and a Telecom Architect at Sun Microsystems before that. Paul has presented talks on JVM Internals at JavaOne and elsewhere and regularly attends JUGs in the central US.

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