SoftwareONE Webinar: 4 Things to Think About Before Your Next Oracle Renewal

February 4, 2021 | Live Webinar

May 31st, 2021 marks the close of Oracle’s fiscal year. For many Oracle customers, it’s likely that your organization will be impacted – potentially positively and/or negatively.

Most Oracle customers know that it’s a period when sales targets come into sharp focus. Sales reps are either focused to achieve their targets or to over-achieve for a higher commission.

In order to close as many deals as possible, sales reps will be offering discounts, sometimes significant discounts for customers. Conversely, in the months before the end of May, software audit activity also intensifies. This, since it’s a fact that 95% of customers going through an audit are found to be non-compliant, generates additional revenue for the sales reps, and places the non-compliant customer in a weaker negotiation position.

  • So how should you prepare for Oracle’s fiscal year-end?
  • What steps can be taken to ensure the strongest negotiation position and optimal contract?

Join SoftwareONE’s experienced Oracle consultants, Richard Spithoven and Jonathan Cree, for an expert view and recommended actions. In this webinar, to be held on February 4th at 15:00 GMT, we will share insights and discuss key information relating to:

Oracle Support Cost Savings:

  • How to handle Oracle’s support indexation of 4% YoY?
  • How to reduce support for “shelfware” licenses?

Oracle ULAs: Certify or renew?

  • How to negotiate the best deal from a cost and contractual terms perspective?
  • How to maximize the financial value from your existing ULA in a controlled manner?

Oracle Audits: Most common compliance issues seen

  • How to avoid costs as a result of different non-compliance issues?
  • Licensing your isolated or your whole VMware environment?

Oracle Java: What are the options?

  • What are the challenges and costs associated with Oracle Java subscriptions?
  • What are the alternatives from third party Java support providers?

We hope you can join us for the live webinar. 



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