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Webinar: Azul Supports JDK 7 until December 2027

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Are you still running applications on JDK 7 and not able to migrate to a newer Java runtime?

Azul continues to provide enterprise-level commercial support for the Zulu build of OpenJDK 7, and will until December 2027!

In this webinar, Simon Ritter will discuss the challenges of continuing to use JDK 7, as well as solutions to ensure the maximum level of both security and stability for your applications.

You’ll learn:

  • What has changed for JDK 7 users,
  • The risks of running on unsupported software, and
  • Your options for maximum security and stability for JDK 7 based applications.

Date: Tuesday, September 13
Time: 1300 SGT or 1100 CEST or 11:00am PT

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Hosted by: Simon Ritter

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