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December 16, 2020

Azul Java Solutions Now Listed on the NCPA Contract, Available for Purchase by SLED (State, Local, Education) Agencies in All 50 States

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Azul, provider of the world’s most trusted open source Java platform, today announced that the NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance), a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states, has listed Azul products on its contract for the first time ever. Interested parties can access contracts and price lists via immixGroup here.

NCPA utilizes state of the art procurement resources and solutions that result in cooperative purchasing contracts that ensure all public agencies are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices. Today’s announcement means that over 90,000 SLED (State, Local, Education) agencies nationwide, which are eligible to utilize NCPA’s cooperative purchasing contracts, can now transact on these contracts to get access to Azul’s world class Java offerings and save as much as 90% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) on the costs of their Java support. Eligible agencies include the following types from both public and nonprofit sectors:

  • School Districts (including K-12, Charter schools, and Private K-12)
  • Higher Education (including Universities, Community Colleges, Private Colleges, and Technical / Vocational Schools)
  • Cities, Counties, and any Local Government
  • State Agencies
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Church/Religious Groups
  • Nonprofit Corporations
  • Federal Entities

“This is great news for the State and Local CIO’s and IT executives that are looking to reduce cost and improve performance for their Java applications and infrastructure,” said Eric Graber, executive vice president, Global Field Operations, Azul. “Now the SLED marketplace will have access to the world’s best and most cost effective OpenJDK platform in the industry. The NCPA contract award to Azul is a critical foundational component of our Public Sector growth strategy. We look forward to helping agencies improve the way they serve their constituents.” 

Azul is the largest company 100% focused on Java and the JVM, with the largest Java engineering team after Oracle, presence in 14 countries, channel partners covering 88 countries, and over 100 technology partners creating joint solutions for various industries and use cases.  The NCPA contract builds on the strong momentum Azul already has among government entities such as the Department of the Interior, the Federal Reserve System, the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), and US Courts, as well as hundreds of thousands of Java developers and millions of connected devices.

Azul products include:

  • Azul® Zulu™ builds of OpenJDK are tested and certified open source Java Development Kits (JDKs) for the industry’s widest range of target platforms and package types. All Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK are free to download and use without restrictions. While unsupported, Azul’s free builds of OpenJDK are updated quarterly and tested using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) to ensure Java compliance.
  • Azul® Zulu Enterprise™ starts with tested, certified builds of Zulu OpenJDK, then adds enterprise support plans with pricing up to 90% below Oracle Java SE subscriptions. Zulu enables development, engineering, and operations teams to deliver and manage Java applications across any operating system or Cloud, backed by tough security SLAs and Azul’s globally-distributed Support organization. Zulu is also ideal for ISVs and OEMs who want to distribute or embed Azul OpenJDK with their products.
  • Azul® Zing™, based on tested, certified builds of Zulu OpenJDK, turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem. The Zing runtime is hyper-optimized and drives down infrastructure costs, simultaneously reducing capex and opex up to 50% or more while improving the carrying capacity of existing Cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Java applications on Zing start up faster and stay faster.

About Azul

Azul is the largest company 100% focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing the world’s most trusted open source Java enterprise platform. Azul’s Java runtimes power Microsoft Azure; the cloud infrastructure of companies like Bazaarvoice, Priceline, and Workday; and the operations and products of Avaya, BMW, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Telekom, LG, Mastercard, Mizuho, and Software AG. Azul’s customers include 27% of the Fortune 100, 50% of Forbes Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Brands, and all 10 of the world’s Top 10 financial trading companies. Azul solutions are available for developers, ISVs, enterprises with on-prem and cloud deployments, as well as for OEMs building embedded and IoT devices. Visit and follow us on Twitter @azulsystems.

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