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August 1, 2023

Azul Releases "OpenJDK Migration for Dummies," a Definitive Guidebook for Java DevOps and Migration Teams

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — August 1, 2023 — Azul, the only company 100% focused on Java, today announced the release of a new guide in Wiley’s famous “Dummies” series dedicated to migrating Java applications and infrastructure to OpenJDK. The first book to specifically address the migration topic, “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” is filled with invaluable insights and practical advice for application owners, IT operations teams, and developers intending to move from Oracle Java SE to OpenJDK distributions like Azul Platform Core. The book is free and available for download now at

“OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” lays out an easy three-step migration process that enables migration with minimal risk, includes tips on how to differentiate between Oracle Java SE and OpenJDK distribution providers, as well as how to identify a trusted, best-of-breed support partner. It is written by Azul Deputy CTO Simon Ritter, a Java Champion and member of the Java SE JSR Expert Group with decades of experience in the field.


“One of Java’s most impressive characteristics is its ability to evolve over nearly 30 years to address the needs of enterprise applications,” Ritter said. “OpenJDK is the foundation of Java. This book aims to bring together information about these aspects to show how straightforward it is to move from Oracle Java SE to a build of OpenJDK and realize significant cost savings as well as find broader support for more Java versions, operating systems and architectures.”

“At OpenValue, we’ve done many JDK migrations for various enterprises and have developed significant expertise in this area,” said Roy Wasse, founder and director of OpenValue, a Java development consultancy. “It’s very impressive how all of the considerations you need to know before you start a Java migration are addressed in this book in an understandable and structured way. “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” is a must read for any organization considering their move from Oracle Java SE to OpenJDK and unwraps the many advantages and cost savings that can be achieved in doing so.”

Java, the programming language and runtime platform of choice for large-scale applications and infrastructure in both public cloud and private data center environments, continues to be widely used across industries due to its versatility, reliability, and stability. However, recent licensing and pricing changes for Oracle Java SE — once the default choice for enterprises needing commercial support — have prompted organizations to move to OpenJDK distributions that offer identical functionality, equivalent or better support, and at a fraction of the cost.

Key topics in “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” include:

  • The need for OpenJDK migration: Changes in Oracle’s licensing and pricing strategies have led to increased interest in OpenJDK and commercial support for it. The book aims to address the challenges created by these changes and guide organizations through the migration process.
  • Overcoming migration fears: Fear of migration is a common obstacle for enterprises considering a change from Oracle Java SE. “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies” serves as a comprehensive guide to educate the reader on the OpenJDK project and various OpenJDK distributions, and details a methodology to ensure a successful migration.
  • Vulnerabilities in older Java versions that are no longer supported by Oracle: New security vulnerabilities (CVEs) are frequently reported in older Java versions, including Java 6 and 7. The book emphasizes the importance of migration to updated versions of Java to mitigate security risks.

In addition to addressing the migration process, the book also examines the series of events that led to the growing interest in OpenJDK and how businesses can adapt to Oracle’s recent licensing and pricing changes.

The book is free and available today at along with a migration learning hub at

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