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February 27, 2006

Azul Systems® and Fitech Laboratories Partner to Drive Financial Services Scalability for Some of Japan’s Most Trusted Brands

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California and TOKYO, Japan – February 27, 2006 – Azul Systems, Inc., the pioneer of the industry’s first network attached processing solution designed to unbound compute resources for service-oriented applications built on the J2EE™ and Java™ platform as well as other virtual machine languages, and Fitech Laboratories, a leading provider of enterprise middleware for financial services applications, today announced verification of interoperability between their solutions, and a co-marketing alliance aimed at delivering the dramatic scalability, availability and cost savings benefits of their combined offering to enterprise finance services customers in Japan.

Network attached processing provides massive amounts of compute capacity as a shared network service, similar to the manner in which network attached storage provides shared storage capacity to datacenters. This is a clear indication of the importance on how large corporations see innovative computing models supporting the significant increase in transaction-intensive application development and deployment. This new model will enable the delivery of increased capacity and utilization at a fraction of the cost from traditional server architectures.

Fitech Laboratories’ xTrade™ and xBlocks™ are a component-based financial services platform and component library written in Java with innovative patented caching technology that support the demands of large financial trading systems. When combined, this new infrastructure provides greater scalability, consistently low application response times, less complexity and lower infrastructure cost in both the application and database tiers.

“The responsiveness and scalability of financial services applications can be the difference between either expanding or losing a customer base,” said Mr. Matsushima from Fitech Laboratories, “Because network attached processing delivers compute and memory resources as a shared service. Azul has freed us from the tasks of tweaking our software for the last bits of performance and scalability gains. By adding Azul to the supported platforms of our products, we can deliver unparalleled performance and scalability to our customers, as well as innovative solutions that have been beyond our realistic reach without it.”

“We are thrilled to be working so closely with Fitech Laboratories to demonstrate the validated interoperability of our products for our financial services clients,” said Shyam Pillalamarri, vice president software engineering and co-founder of Azul Systems, “These complimentary offerings represent a compelling scalability story with minimal impact in our customer’s existing infrastructure and processes.”

Fitech Laboratories’ xTrade and xBlocks are the first Japan-focused applications to be Azul Verified. Over 100 commercial enterprise applications have been verified on the Azul network attached processing solution.

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems, Inc. has pioneered the industry’s first network attached processing solution, designed to unbound compute resources for service oriented applications. Without any application level modifications, binary compatibility requirements or operating system dependencies, this fundamentally new approach eliminates the need to capacity plan at the application level and dramatically lowers the cost and complexity associated with the traditional delivery of computing resources. More information on Azul Systems can be found at

About Fitech Laboratories

Fitech Laboratories, Inc. is the leading provider of high-performance on-line trading framework and middleware platform, and related services. By combining open standards, component development expertise and the patented cutting edge technologies, Fitech Laboratories, Inc. enables mid-to-large financial institutions to drastically reduce development time and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while benefiting from a highly extensible, fast and reliable. For more information on Fitech Laboratories, please refer to

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