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April 28, 2015

Azul Systems CTO Joins Financial Industry Panel for April 30 Webcast “Latency: It’s not just about speed anymore”

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – April 28, 2015 – Azul Systems (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, today announced it will be participating in a live webcast alongside representatives from UBS, BNP Paribas and Thomson Reuters. The webinar theme is: ‘Latency: It’s not just about speed anymore’.

Facilitated by Inside Market Data, the Latency webcast will take place April 30th at 10am New York time / 3pm London time and will explore the changing influence of low-latency technology and how the “race to zero” is no longer driving next-generation systems. The panel will discuss how real-time analytics and new value added services are taking advantage of low-latency architectures today and how the use cases for low latency are expanding to new asset classes and more complex strategies.

Azul Systems CTO and Co-Founder Gil Tene will be one of the webcast panelists and Max Bowie, Editor, Inside Market Data will be moderator for the panel. Additional panelists will include Richard Bell, eFX Project Manager, BNP Paribas, Patrick Kuster, Head of Business Development for Enterprise Services, EMEA, Thomson Reuters and Nikhil Bagga, Director, Low Latency Systems, UBS.
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About Azul Systems
Azul Systems, the industry’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), builds fully supported, certified standards-compliant Java runtime solutions that help enable the real time business. Zing is a JVM designed for enterprise Java applications and workloads that require any combination of low latency, high transaction rates, large working memory, and/or consistent response times. Zulu is Azul’s certified, freely available open source build of OpenJDK with a variety of flexible support options, available in configurations for the enterprise as well as custom and embedded systems. For additional information, visit: