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April 17, 2012

Azul Systems® Delivers Best-in-Breed Solution for Ultra-Low-Latency Financial Systems

North American Trading Architecture Summit, NYC and SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 17, 2012 — Azul Systems, Inc., the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability, today announced a partnership with a leading-edge solution provider to deliver predictable performance in low-latency environments within the financial services industry.

In today’s highly competitive high-frequency and algorithmic trading markets, there is an ever-increasing demand for extremely low latency application response times while also maintaining high throughput. Trading, risk analysis & modeling, messaging platforms, and many other applications within the financial services industry consume tremendous amounts of real-time data that must be turned into immediate, actionable information. Application pauses, or performance “hiccups,” like those caused by Java garbage collection translate directly into missed opportunities and lost revenue. Azul’s Zing JVM delivers predictable performance and response time even under high load, and is especially well-suited for environments requiring very low latency.

Azul’s Zing is the industry’s only JVM that dramatically reduces the pauses caused by garbage collection for Java applications. In comparative testing of a messaging application, Zing reduced worst case response times by over 40x, and similarly for a trading application reduced response times by over 7x. By using Zing, latency-sensitive applications are able to realize their business and performance objectives simply by changing the JVM, with no changes to the application itself, therefore saving months of painstaking tuning and optimization work. Zing is a 100 percent Java-compatible JVM based on the Oracle HotSpot JVM, is simple to install, and requires no changes to the application code or operating system.

“Our interest in Zing lies in its ability to support ultra-low-latency messaging,” said Todd L. Montgomery, vice president, Architecture, Messaging Business, Informatica. “In an era where every microsecond has value for high-frequency trading, the ability to deploy new functionality rapidly and know that it will perform consistently is essential.”

“The financial services industry depends upon feature-rich Java-based software with fast, predictable execution,” said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. “Azul’s Zing JVM is the best JVM for applications requiring consistent, low latency response times. Our ISV partners have chosen Zing so that their trading, risk, and messaging applications can meet even the most demanding requirements for low-latency performance.”

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Azul Systems delivers high-performance and elastic Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) with unsurpassed scalability, manageability and production-time visibility. Designed and optimized for x86 servers and enterprise-class workloads, Azul’s Zing JVM is the only Java runtime that supports highly consistent and pauseless execution for throughput-intensive and QoS-sensitive Java applications. Azul’s products enable organizations to dramatically simplify Java deployments with fewer instances, greater response time consistency, and dramatically better operating costs.