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December 13, 2011

Azul Systems® Helps Developers Measure Variations in Java Performance

Sunnyvale, Calif., December 13, 2011 – Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability, today announced the release of jHiccup, an open source tool designed to measure the pauses and stalls (or “hiccups”) associated with an application’s underlying Java runtime platform. The new tool captures the aggregate effects of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), operating system, hypervisor (if used) and hardware on application stalls and response time. jHiccup allows developers, systems operators and performance engineers to easily create and analyze response time profiles, and to clearly identify whether causes of application delays reside in the application code or in the underlying runtime platform. jHiccup is completely transparent and non-intrusive to the application, has zero performance overhead in operation, and is compatible with all Java applications using any JVM.

“Application performance is only as consistent as the underlying runtime platform,” said Gil Tene, CTO at Azul Systems. “Java developers and IT organizations need easy-to-use tools that measure responsiveness at the JVM level and below to properly characterize the inherent runtime platform hiccups and execution stalls. This data is critical to allow developers to focus on the right parts of the runtime stack to improve the performance consistency and reduce the latency of their Java applications.”

jHiccup captures, logs and displays response time fluctuations in the runtime platform via “Hiccup charts.” The tool does not measure delays caused by the application’s code, but instead captures the stalls caused exclusively by the underlying runtime platform that would be visible to and affect any application thread running at the time of the stall. The data collected by the tool and the associated Hiccup charts allow IT organization to better isolate application performance, latency and delay problems, and to quickly resolve them.

jHiccup is available for free download at, and is released as open source code under the Creative Commons license. For more information on jHiccup, Azul Systems and the Zing JVM, please visit

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