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June 4, 2008

Azul Systems® Joins the Fight to Deliver Environmentally Friendly Technology with

Mountain View, Calif. – June 4, 2008 –, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organizations, announced today a new partnership with Azul Systems, the award-winning innovator behind server appliances that deliver compute and memory resources as shared network service. While providing high-end performance products for businesses and increasing data center efficiencies, Azul Systems will go carbon neutral by offsetting its carbon emissions through’s Carbonfree®Business Program.

Currently, Azul Compute Appliances yield improved power and cooling performance, as well as more predictable service levels to support data center transactions of capital markets, e-commerce, and telecommunication customers. Azul’s multicore chip technology is designed to handle processing-intensive workloads associated with dynamic web-based applications by creating a shared pool of compute and memory resources.

Azul Systems’ implementation of the new green initiative with will allow the company to run completely carbon neutral by supporting carbon offset projects. The first step in becoming an active contributor to carbon-neutral manufacturing is by offsetting all CO2 emissions associated with Jabil assembly/test and fabrication of major components in the memory and Vega chips of Azul Systems appliances. In addition, for each Azul Compute Appliance shipped to a customer, Azul Systems will offset the CO2 associated with the operation for the life of deployment.

Azul Systems is also implementing power reduction measures for its corporate offices. The company is encouraging all employees to offset CO2 through the use of energy efficient equipment, planting trees at both work and home, and other simple means such as telecommuting.

“Azul has been proactive in taking the next steps towards developing and implementing green technologies,” said Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems. “As one of the first members of The Green Grid, Azul Systems has steadily increased the power and cooling efficiency of its appliances since introducing them in 2004. By joining leading environmental protection groups, we reinforce our commitment to reverse the damage our industry has caused to the environment.”

“Azul Systems’ innovative use of its technology platform to reduce its climate impact makes it a stellar example of what CarbonFree Business Program is all about,” said Eric Carlson, executive director of “This partnership is another big step in the right direction.”

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems ( is a global provider of enterprise server appliances that deliver virtualized compute and memory resources as a shared network service for transaction-intensive and QoS-sensitive applications built on the Java™ platform. Azul Compute Appliances enable Java-based applications to transparently achieve 5X to 50X improved performance by scaling and simplifying application integration. Our green friendly compute infrastructure supports the business priorities of today’s most demanding enterprise environments and delivers increased capabilities, capacity, and utilization at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional computing models.

About is the country’s leading carbon reduction and offset organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals,businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions they are responsible for in their everyday lives by supporting high-quality verified renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. works with over 400 corporate and non-profit partners including Discovery, Volkswagen, Dell, Orbitz, Environmental Defense, and Lancôme.

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