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April 10, 2007

Azul Systems® Joins The Green Grid

Mountain View, Calif. – April 10, 2007 – Azul Systems, the award-winning leader of enterprise server appliances for business-critical Java applications, today announced it has joined The Green Grid, a consortium of information technology companies and professionals seeking to improve energy efficiency in data centers around the globe. By joining The Green Grid, Azul will collaborate with other leading companies on technologies, standards, and processes that will lead to greener IT systems.

“Membership in The Green Grid reflects the commitment of Azul and other leading IT organizations to develop and promote energy-efficient technologies and processes that will enable continued progress while minimizing and even reversing damage to our planet,” said Stephen DeWitt, president and CEO of Azul Systems. “We believe the power and cooling efficiencies made possible by Azul’s multicore technology are an important contribution to this effort, and we look forward to working with other industry leaders to tackle one of the most important challenges of our time.”

Azul’s multicore chip technology is designed to handle processing-intensive workloads associated with dynamic web-based applications by creating a shared pool of compute and memory resources. The technology yields improved power and cooling performance and more predictable service levels.

Azul’s membership is being met with positive sentiment from its customers and the analyst community, who applaud the fact that Azul’s dedication to energy-efficient technology and reduced power and cooling requirements has been recognized by such a well respected consortium.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing companies developing IT strategies that are both environmentally sound and good for business. The Green Grid initiative could not be better positioned,” said Vernon Turner, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Computing at IDC. “For example, as more and more next-generation IT systems take advantage of multicore chip architectures to access compute resources as a shared network service, enterprises will be able to drastically cut overall power consumption, which both helps the environment and lowers total cost of ownership. Azul is a key player in this space, and will make many important contributions to the initiative.”

“CitiStreet was in need of architecting solutions for business applications that require extraordinary scaling to support millions of customers, and we achieved this objective with Azul’s Vega 2-based systems,” said Barry Strasnick, CIO of CitiStreet. “In addition to delivering the scalability and performance we needed, the Azul solution significantly reduced our required data center footprint by more than 60 percent, thereby providing significant savings to our power and cooling cost.”

As a member of The Green Grid, Azul will:

  • Share data and propose discussion topics that will benefit the green data center.
  • Review, comment on, and submit proposed revisions to or proposals for specifications, test suites, and design guidelines of The Green Grid.
  • Vote on substantive issues, policy matters and official positions prior to final adoption by The Green Grid.

Azul Systems, one of the first companies to join The Green Grid, has steadily increased the power and cooling efficiency of its appliances since introducing them in 2004.

About Azul Systems 

Azul Systems is a global provider of enterprise server appliances that delivers compute and memory resources as a shared network service for transaction-intensive applications, such as those built on the Java™ platform. Our family of Azul Compute Appliances enables transparent, massively scalable infrastructure that supports the business priorities of today’s most demanding enterprise environments and delivers increased capabilities, capacity and utilization at a fraction of the cost of traditional computing models. More information on Azul Systems can be found at

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